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Prebiotics, Probiotics & B12 all in one … this super charged formula is the first of its kind. This remarkable formula will keep your animal on the right track through stressful transportation and showing. Appetite Express + helps bring an aggressive appetite and energy boost to the animal.

Administer 10 to 15cc per day orally several days prior to travel to maximize the beneficial microbial flora within the animal. Continue to administer orally at the show to keep your animals gut in good health. This super charged formula of Prebiotics, Probiotics and B12 will restore the balance to your animal in any stressful situation.

Prebiotics are non-digestible dietary fibers that deliver nutrition to microorganisms. Enhancing the growth of these good microbes promotes many beneficial health effects within the animal. You will see improved nutrient digestion and nutrient absorption as well as strengthening in the immune system, bowel pH, hypertension and irregularity.

• Probiotics contain live naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms that replenish the good bacteria colonies in the rumen of an animal. Each 10 cc dose delivers a potent source of 8 Billion live bacteria cultures and 8 Billion live yeast cells. These beneficial microbes and yeast have many important modes of action, such as production of lactic acid which is harmful to pathogenic bacteria, production of enzymes to aid in nutrient digestion and absorption, competition for nutrients and attachment sites with harmful bacteria (Competitive Exclusion), production of other anti-microbial compounds which helps keep the balance of good and bad bacteria in the correct order. Probiotics have many other undefined benefits which help account for the positive performance seen with this product.

• B12 boosts energy levels, which helps fight fatigue and sluggishness. Vitamin A has multiple functions: it is important for growth, development and maintenance of the immune system. Vitamin D increases the absorption from the digestive tract and also aids in the formation of sound bones and teeth. Vitamin E’s principal role may be as a chemical antioxidant to reduce the destruction of other vitamins and essential fatty acids both in the digestive tract and after their absorption. This product also contains helpful levels of Niacin and Thiamine

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